Colored Contact Lenses

Beside wearing breathable contact lenses that are allowing the oxygen to flow freely through them, you can try wearing colored contact lenses.

These colored contact lenses have become very fashionable lately, and they give you the ability to really change your appearance.

It’s kind of nice to have the option to change your whole look around, by changing the color of your eyes…

There is a saying that’s quite famous. It says that the “eyes are the window to the soul”.

So if you want to have the appearance of very captivating eyes, and open the windows to your soul in a whole new way, then colored contact lenses is definitely the way to go.

But how do you know which type of lenses to pick?

Well, if you are new to this experience then you’re certainly in luck.

I’ll provide you with a nice rundown of all of your options, so you can see the different types of color contact lens choices available to you.

Are you ready? Good.

Let’s get to it…

What Are Opaque Contact Lenses?

Here’s the thing about opaque lenses…

They can change the color of your eye in a very dramatic fashion. It really doesn’t even matter if your eye color is dark.

Here’s what it does…

Inside of the contact lens, there is a solid colored ring that covers over your iris. But it leaves a clear hole in the center of your eye which allows light to pass through it.

And so you know, the majority of the color contact lenses are actually opaque.

So it could very well end up being the option you go with since it is the type that is used the most often for colored contact lenses.

Next up we have…

Enhancement Tint Lenses

This is another specialty lens in the world of color contacts. I’ll provide you with a brief explanation so you know precisely what they are…

For starters, the lens itself is translucent. That makes it very effective at enhancing a person’s eye color naturally. This is obviously the reason they are called enhancement tints.

But here’s the really important thing that you need to know about this type of contact lens…

If you have a really dark eye color, enhancement tint lenses will have a difficult time changing the color to a different shade.

So I have to go on record and say that if you have a naturally light eye color, then enhancement tints will work perfectly for you.

But on the other hand, if your eye color is naturally dark, then enhancement tints aren’t going to be that effective in changing your personal eye color.

So if you have dark eyes, then I recommend you choose a different type of colored contact lenses Ireland when you make your final decision.

The other options will be a lot more effective for you then enhancement tint lenses.

I learned this through personal experience, so please trust my judgment since I know I’m talking about.

The next type is…

Light Filtering Tints

As far as colored contact lenses are concerned, light filtering tints are the latest development in this trend.

This contact lens is specifically designed for those who like to play sports on a recreational or professional level. They work wonders for people who play sports such as baseball, tennis or golf, or any other sport that keeps you out in the sun for an extended period of time or need to stop the excessive exposure to blue light.

Would you like to know why this is such an incredible contact lens?

Because when you’re playing sports, certain colors can really distract your game. But when you’re wearing light-filtering tints, they are able to mute really bright colors and enhance other colors while you play.

So this type of color contact lenses Ireland really isn’t geared toward changing the color of your eyes. Its main purpose is to help you perform better while playing sports.

Here’s a quick example to help bring this point home…

Say you are a tennis player that has had a difficult time following the ball while on the court.

If you were to pick up a pair of light yellow or gold tint color contact lenses and use them while playing tennis, you’d be able to track the ball much more easily.

This type of contact lens helps brighten the background, so you’ll have an easier time seeing the ball while on the court during play.

It’s a great invention, and it will really help boost your tennis game a great deal.

There are other lenses designed specifically to help you with other sports, so you’ll have to do further research to find the ideal lenses to help you with your sport of choice.

The final type of color contact lenses that I’d like to mention is…

Visibility Tints

This is another special type of color contact lens, but in reality, it will not change your eye color at all. But it does serve a specific purpose which I will fill you in on right now…

You see, visibility tints are slightly tinted to make them easier to insert and remove from your eyes.

Some people struggle when it comes to putting their contact lenses in their eyes, and they often have a difficult time taking them out because they’re so hard to see.

Clear contact lenses blend in with your eyes perfectly, and it can often pose a problem for people when they’re trying to take them out.

But not so much with visibility tints, because the color is slightly shaded and it makes it much easier for you to see.

Here’s another good benefit to this type of contact lens…

If you drop it on the floor, it will be a lot easier for you to find.

Clear contact lenses are often difficult because they blend in with everything. But the visibility tints are slightly shaded so there is color contrast and a bit of a difference.

That’s all we have for colored contact lenses. I hope you found this information both useful and informative.